Super Singer 9 Elimination Today

Super Singer 9 Elimination Today, Season 2022 Eliminated Contestants Names List

Super Singer 9 Elimination Today, Eliminated Contestants Season 9 Vijay TV List, Who got Evicted Today, This Week in Super Singer 9 Tamil 2022?

Super Singer 9 is a reality singing competition television show that airs in Tamil across the world. It is a well-known show with a large fan base.

The 2006-launched program Super Singer uses a series of statewide screenings to determine the finest playback recording voice and musical talent in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu.

Makapa and Priyanka, who previously hosted the competition, are expected to return as hosts and anchors for Super Singer 2023.

Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal, Anuradha, and Shwetha Mohan are the judges for the show.

Super Singer 9 is set to be released on November 19 at 6.30 p.m. The program will be available on both Vijay Television and Disney+Hotstar.

Super Singer 9 Elimination Today, Danger Zone Contestants, Best Performer (List of contestants who got Eliminated this week 2022)

On 7th January 2023, Nishchitha Gowda is voted out of the show.

On 14th January 2023, Lakshmi exits the ninth season of Super Singer.

On 4th February 2023, Priya Padmanabhan is eliminated out of the show.

On 11th February 2023, Ancy Mary gets the least votes and is thus voted out of SS9.

On 18th February 2023, Sneha gets the least votes and is thus voted out of SS9.

On 25th February 2023, Anandha Gopan gets the least votes and is thus voted out of SS9.

On 4th March 2023, Aparna gets the least votes and is thus voted out of, SS9.

On 5th March 2023, Hari Vignesh gets the least votes and is thus voted out of SS9.

On 17th December 2022, Emmanuel EsclEen gets eliminated from the show.

On 24th December 2022, Lavanya gets evicted from the Super Singer 9.

On 31st December 2022, Gowri Shankar gets eliminated from Super Singer.

Super Singer Season 9 Elimination Status 2022

The following table lists the Super Singer Vijay television competitors from Season 9: Elimination/Ongoing status:

S. No.Super Singer 9 Contestants NameElimination/Ongoing Status
1.Aruna SivayaOngoing
2.Keshav RamOngoing
4.Dinesh KumarOngoing
5.Abhijit Anil KumarOngoing
6.Chanderan ChanOngoing
8.Prashana AdhiseshaOngoing
9.Pooja VenkateshOngoing
10.Priya JersonOngoing
12.Hari VigneshEliminated
13.Aparna NarayananEliminated
14.Anantha GopanEliminated
15.Sneha PadmanabhanEliminated
16.Ancy MaryEliminated
18.Priya Padmanabhan Eliminated
19.Nishchitha Gowda Eliminated
20.Gowri ShankarEliminated
21.Emmanual EsclEenEliminated

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