Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Update

As Rajjo enters the house in hysterics, Madhumati tells Jhilmil that their next move is to wait for the drama to begin.

She yells that Manorama is in danger and must be rescued.

Arjun chastises her and tells her to quit fantasizing and hallucinating about her mother, who lives quietly in her village.

Just then, several people arrive in an ambulance and notify them that they are there to pick up Rajjo.

When Madhu comes forward and claims to be the one who contacted the mental institution, the family is perplexed.

She says that she believes Rajjo need expert medical assistance and persuades the family members to agree with her decision.

Rajjo calls out for Arjun as she is led to the ambulance.

Rajjo then approaches Arjun and asks him if he will assist her in finding Manorama.

Arjun does not respond, and Rajjo continues, saying that even if he does not assist her, she would continue to search for her mother.

Is Manorama dead after being tossed into the crocodile river, or has she been resurrected by a miracle?

Will Arjun trust Rajjo this time and assist her in rescue Manorama, or will he repeat his previous error of not believing Rajjo?

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