Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 27th February 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

Rajjo asks Niharika’s boyfriend if he knows who Niharika is.

He introduces himself as Amit, and Rajjo nods and asks whether he likes Niharika.

Amit’s face is filled with a sorrowful grin as he asks Rajjo who she is and interrogates her about his personal life.

Rajjo eventually finds herself alone and approaches Arjun as she prepares to meet Amit.

Rajjo informs Amit that Niharika is pregnant and plans to marry her husband since she does not want to bear responsibility for the child she has with her lover.

Surprising Rajjo, Amit claims he understands everything but does not want to marry Niharika since his parents would not accept his decision.

Rajjo feels herself losing her one opportunity, and she tries to convince him that even if he forgets Niharika, he would not forget his own kid so soon.

Meanwhile, a hand sneaks behind a car that stands a bit more away from Rajjo and Amit and captures their talk.

Will Amit marry Niharika as a result of Rajjo’s words?

Who is taping Rajjo and Amit’s conversation?

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