Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 Written Update

Radha wakes up and goes to see Mohan and Kadambari.

Mohan becomes overwhelmed when he sees Radha and holds her tightly, close to his chest.

As Damini sees this, she becomes envious, while Mohan confesses he almost felt he had lost “his” Radha.

When Mohan tells Radha that Kadambari is inside the jail, she requests him to accompany her there.

Radha testifies in favor of Kadambari, claiming that she is not the guilty party, but the police officer informs Mohan that Kadambari is out due of Damini, not Radha.

The officer points inside the cell to Damini and claims she is responsible for poisoning Kheer.

Radha is perplexed by Damini’s latest tactic since she knows Damini will not back down lightly.

Would Damini cite her failed attempt as another another sacrifice for the Trivedi Household?

Meanwhile, can Damini ever be believed by Kadambari?

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