Parineeti 8th February 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th February 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

Rakesh looks around while yelling that he knows his Pari has arrived.

Meanwhile, Pari unties Neeti’s wrists and feet and hides behind some crates to avoid Rakesh’s gaze.

Rakesh discovers Pari and Neeti shivering in a corner during the hide-and-seek game and begins heading toward them.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes with his police colleague and the rest of the police force, who surround the entire area to ensure Rakesh cannot flee.

Rakesh is about to place his hand on Pari’s shoulder when Rajeev emerges behind him and begins punching Rakesh and his pal.

At the same moment, Munna (Rakesh’s goon) arrives, brandishing a gun and pointing it at Pari and Neeti, leading Rajeev to panic.

Rajeev threatens Rakesh with death if the goon fires the gun, but Rakesh instructs Munna to fire.

As Munna shoots Pari, Neeti leaps in front of the bullet, which hits her in the stomach.

She collapses on the ground, gushing with blood.

Will Rajeev be forced to choose between Neeti and their child because the doctor can only save one of them?

Is this the conclusion of RajNeeti’s chapter and the beginning of a new begging for PariRaj?

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