Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update | Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Episode Update

The Pandya children are overjoyed because they believe their mothers will no longer be furious with them.

Meanwhile, Suman reminds everyone that the following day is Holi, and she wants to celebrate it big because her entire family is present.

When Rishita appears dubious, she instructs her to disregard her worries for one day and focus solely on the celebration.

The next day, the entire Somanth is colored, and Suman looks about to see people flinging colors at each other, which makes her happy.

She claims that she is enjoying Holi with her boys for the first time in seven years, as loud music plays in the background.

At the same moment, Krish and Dev embrace in front of Suman, who motions for them to approach her so she may spray color over them.

Dhara, on the other hand, chooses to tell Chiku the truth that Shweta is his true mother, and Rishita also decides to break the beans that she is Natasha’s mother.

Who will donate a kidney to Natasha?

Will the Pandya family be happy this Holi, or will something bad happen to them again?

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