Pandya Store 7th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th March 2023 Written Update | Pandya Store 7th March 2023 Episode Update

Suman declares that this is the only way to protect Chiku, Chutki, and Krish from Shweta’s nefarious plans.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the doctor urges the Pandya family to be quiet because it is a hospital, and when everyone settles down, he discloses that Natasha need a kidney transplant.

Everyone is stunned after hearing this, but the doctor insists that Natasha requires the transplant within one week since it is the only way to save her.

As Dhara discloses that one of them must give Natasha a kidney since finding a donor would take too long, everyone becomes silent for a while.

Shweta instructs everyone not to meddle since she would cure her daughter herself.

Following that, the Holi holiday approaches, and Suman is overjoyed since her entire family is finally getting together to enjoy it after seven years.

Meanwhile, Rishita and Dhara decide to reveal the truth about their birth to Chiku and Natasha.

Has Shweta left the Pandya family after healing Natasha, or will she return for the Holi festivities?

What will Chiku and Natasha do when they learn the truth?

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