Meet 11th March 2023 Written Update

Meet is getting up and recuperating from Manmeet’s unexpected punches.

She recalls Sapna’s desire for societal change for her child, who is yet unknown to society’s brutal tactics.

Met remembers Meghana’s desire to become educated and work freely, without marriage acting as a prison to her goals.

Meet returns slowly and brazenly challenges Manmeet to a fight in response to Manmeet’s prior taunt.

Manmeet is taken aback to witness the dainty “Parkati” steadfastly challenging him to a battle in her defended position.

He rushes up to her, ready to slam her chapter shut in front of everyone today.

Nevertheless, as they both lunge at one other, Meet invites Manmeet toward her, asking him to come at her.

Will the itching powder start working soon?

How will Met realize the goals and aspirations of the women of Sarkarpur, who are mocked at every turn?

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