Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update

Prachi recalls Alia throwing Panchi into the river in front of her.

Prachi declares that she would never forgive Ranbir for killing Panchi.

Prachi informs Panchi that she misses her every day, despite the fact that everyone has forgotten about her and is living happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Ranbir emerges from the house and walks by the temple where Khushi’s mother has set up her stand.

Ranbir reflects on Panchi and declares that his life has become hollow after seeing Panchi’s death before him.

Recalling Prachi’s statements blaming him for Panchi’s death, Ranbir says he despises Prachi for accusing him of such responsibility when the harm is irreparable.

Khushi enters unexpectedly and flees after handing Ranbir a rose.

Ranbir observes a youngster fleeing from his rearview mirror and wonders why she gave him that flower.

Khushi grins and wonders whether Ranbir smiled after getting the flower.

How will Prachi and Ranbir learn that Panchi is still alive?

Will Panchi get Ranbir and Prachi back together?

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