Imlie 4th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th February 2023 Written Update

The Rana Mansion is humming with wedding preparations for Cheeni and Abhishek.

Meanwhile, Atharva is still unsure of his sentiments and whether he prefers Cheeni or Imlie.

Just then, he notices Imlie, who stares him in the eyes and informs him that she is going.

Atharva becomes agitated as he grips Imlie’s hand and begs her not to leave.

Imlie, on the other hand, claims she can no longer stay with him since he is in love with someone else.

Cheeni approaches Imlie as she turns her back on Atharva, wondering whether he has made a choice yet.

When Atharva does not respond, Cheeni informs him that she is marrying Abhishek today and advises him to make a choice immediately.

Cheeni and Imlie each take their separate ways, leaving Atharva in the midst.

Will Atharva be able to recognize and pick the person he loves?

Will his unwillingness to speak out lead him in an unfavorable relationship with Cheeni?

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