Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Cheeni and Keya exit the room, indicating a thumbs up to each other, as the family prepares for the Puja.

The family meets in the in-house temple, where the priest explains the importance of the Sindoor Pooja and distributes a quantity of Sindoor to each partner (vermillion).

The priest claims that sprinkling the duo with Sindoor will make them indestructible.

The elders begin the rite by having Rudra and Devika walk first and wash themselves with Sindoor.

When it’s Cheeni and Abhishek’s time, Cheeni signals Keya, who nods and pushes Atharva from behind.

Atharva, on the other hand, grabs Imlie’s hand and drags her along with him, covering both of them in Sindoor.

Devika and Rudra are overjoyed because they believe God wants them to be together, however Cheeni is enraged at her play failure.

Will Cheeni be able to carry out her plan, or will she be humiliated?

When will Imlie tell Abhishek the truth about Cheeni?

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