Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Update | Faltu 7th March 2023 Episode Update

Everyone was looking at Faltu with suspicion since he had caused such a commotion.

Faltu AKA Rocky swiftly explains that she was attempting not to let Ayaan eat the morsel since it included sweet potato, and being allergic to sweet potatoes may have seriously harmed his health.

Everyone is glad that Ayaan is not going to eat the morsel, but Dadi is still skeptical.

She asks Rocky loudly how she found out about Ayaan’s allergy on his first day cooking for them at Mittal House.

This query raises dubious eyes that stare at Faltu, wondering how she learned this knowledge.

Ayaan is also staring at her, making her even more nervous.

Kanika and Tanisha both lift their brows at Rocky.

Will this be the cause why Faltu’s disguise is revealed?

Would this gesture increase the Mittal family’s faith in Rocky, a.k.a. Faltu?

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