Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 5th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu’s eyesight gradually recovered during the next days.

Faltu smiles but quickly realizes with disdain that Tanisha’s wealth was the only thing that made this possible.

By some strange twist of fate, Faltu and Ayaan cross paths once more, and she assures him that she will soon return all the money.

Faltu is mocked by Ayaan for expecting to be able to return twenty lakh rupees when she is uneducated and unable to even find a decent job. Ayaan chuckles in incredulity.

Faltu, however, refuses to back down and declares that she would refuse to keep a single favor given to her by Ayaan and his wife, Tanisha, even if it means becoming someone’s housemaid.

Ayaan gives Faltu a stern look and asks, “Why not start at Mittal House if she wants to be a housemaid?”

They two exchange fierce looks as Faltu accepts his challenge.

What direction will Faltu’s life now take?

Will Ayaan and Faltu’s differences be resolved or will he continue to feel animosity toward Faltu?

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