Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Tanisha is keeping an eye on everything. Ayaan takes a deep breath.

Ayaan even takes off his oxygen mask and the oximeter attached to his fingertips and begins breathing more forcefully.

Tanisha remains still and looks at him with a horrified expression on her face, but she does nothing.

Tanisha’s quiet is eventually broken as Ayaan begins moving his hands and legs in an attempt to capture as much air as possible.

While appearing sad, she murmurs Ayaan’s name weakly.

Meanwhile, Faltu locates a nurse, but she refuses to assist Faltu since she is a patient and should be in her own bed rather than in Ayaan Mittal’s room.

The nurse drags Faltu to her ward and orders her to stay there or she will have to inform her father about it.

Faltu insists on having someone check on Ayaan, so the nurse phones her fellow nurse and asks her to go check on Ayaan.

Is Ayaan aware of all Faltu has said?

Tanisha remained silent despite noticing Ayaan’s plight.

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