Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

Faltu comes home with Charan, who recommends she join him in Ittarpur.

Faltu widens her eyes at Charan’s idea and asks him why he is saying such, and if he is saying so, it is because he doesn’t trust her.

Charan is caught in a quandary since he knows Faltu would never do such a thing, but he is also embarrassed because the world would believe it is his daughter who is shameless and lacking in character.

Faltu jolts Charan out of his reverie and discloses her future intentions.

She claims that she believes in her dreams and that returning to Ittarpur will just show to everyone else that she is mistaken.

Faltu claims that it is Coach Vishal who is to fault, and she intends to expose everyone engaged in this shady setup.

Charan is bewildered by Faltu’s drive, while Ayaan is consumed by remorse for mistreating Faltu so severely.

Will Ayaan confront Faltu about not telling him the truth?

Is it time for Tanisha’s falsehoods to be exposed?

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