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Durga Aur Charu, the second chapter of the Barrister Babu serial, has grabbed fans’ hearts with its latest twists and turns, as well as the genuine friendship between Durga and Charu.

Durga and Charu’s relationship has warmed many people’s hearts with their adorable interactions and courage in fighting for each other.

The creators of Durga Aur Chaaru, on the other hand, have determined that it is now time to introduce a fresh twist into the plot by adding a jump with a newly reformed storyline.

Rachi Sharma and Adrija Roy will play Durga and Charu, respectively, with Mohit Kumar as the main hero.

Riya Shukla is supposed to portray the negative female lead.

Durga Aur Chaaru 2.0 Serial Story/Plot

After the leap, the narrative of the series Durga and Charu will focus upon Durga and Charu as adults, navigating their lives with increasing hostility between them.

Charu would learn to despise Durga following a fight between them provoked by Sumona and Paulash, leading her to believe Durga has betrayed her.

Durga, on the other hand, will grow up to be a bold and talkative girl, the polar opposite of her childhood temperament.

Durga will continue to strive to make apologies with her sister, while a new addition to their life will add a fresh twist.

A new guy (perhaps played by Mohit Kumar) will enter their life and bring these two separated sisters back together, but in a love triangle, complicating their lives even further.

Durga Aur Chharu Season 2 New Cast, Actors Names

  • Rachi Sharma
  • Adrija Roy
  • Mohit Kumar
  • Riya Shukla

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