Dharam Patni 8th February 2023 Written Update

Dharam Patni 8th February 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

The Randhawa family does not suspect Adi’s techniques and begins wedding preparations.

Deepansh sighs in relief as Adi walks away with him, telling him not to worry about the family becoming suspicious of them.

Meanwhile, at the Parekh residence, Pratik apologizes to the guests for the commotion and invites them to remain till the wedding to bless his daughter.

Pratiksha grins at him as Hansa leads her back to her room, explaining that it is not acceptable for the bride to be out and about before the wedding.

Pratiksha returns to her room, while Ravi enters the venue disguised as a priest.

Nobody suspects Ravi as he sweeps by Pratik, convinced that he will not go until he has destroyed Pratiksha and Malhar’s marriage.

Will Ravi be able to replace Malhar in the mandap without anybody noticing?

What will Kavya do when she discovers that the groom at the mandap is not Ravi?

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