Chashni 10th March 2023 Written Update

Raunak and Chandni look into each other’s eyes while the fire behind them burns brighter.

Someone screams, prompting both of them to lose their eye lock.

As Chandni hears a kid scream, she rushes to the fire and covers her in a blanket to pull her out.

Later, Chandni learns that she has finally gotten a position at the fire station and recalls her father, who is also accomplishing his ambition.

Nani and Roshni are overjoyed with Chandni’s accomplishment, but the malevolent Raj looks at her as she goes out of her house, proudly wearing the fire station uniform.

A nurse, on the other side, notifies his senior that Sanjay Chopda has just fled his room, and the story spreads.

Meanwhile, the youngster Chandni met while shopping for chole bhature catches Roshni’s interest and wants to befriend him, and the two become close.

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