Anupama 24th January 2023 Written Update | Episode Update

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Anupama 24th January 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th January 2023 Written Update

Anuj and Anupama ask Anu what she wants from the shops since they will purchase her whatever she wants.

Anu says she wants a purple scarf and a set of earrings with a unique design, which inspires Anuj and Anupama to explore the entire fair for them.

Maaya, on the other hand, overhears Anupama-Anuj and purchases the same colour scarf, claiming that purple is her favourite colour as well.

Maaya chooses the earrings for Anu and requests that the merchant box them for her beloved.

Maaya appears in front of Anuj and Anupama and says she wants to give Anu a gift and passes her the bag containing the items she purchased.

Anu is surprised to discover all of her favourite items in that bag, while Anupama wonders who she is.

Maaya presents herself to Anuj and Anupama, claiming to be Anu’s “Maa,” leaving them perplexed.

Maaya reveals that she is Anu’s birth mother, shocking Anuj and Anupama.

What would Anuj and Anupama think of Maaya’s revelation?

What will Maaya ask of Anuj and Anupama, and why is she following them?

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